GREENCARE: Passeggiando

m. 30 hose Ø 20 mm. (1/2” x  98,5 ft)

GREENCARE: Leader 20

m. 40 hose Ø 20 mm. (1/2” x  131,24 ft)

GREENCARE: Leader 25

m. 50 hose Ø 25 mm. (3/4” x  164 ft)

GREENCARE: Leader 32

m. 70 hose Ø 32 mm. (1” x  240 ft)

GREENCARE: Leader 40

m. 120 hose Ø 32 mm. (1” x  394 ft)

m. 120 hose Ø 40 mm. (1”1/4  x  394 ft)

GREENCARE: Leader 50

m. 150 – 180 hose Ø 50 mm.  (1” 1/2  x  492 ft ) – (1” 1/2  x  590 ft )

GREENCARE: Leader 63

m. 110 hose Ø 63 mm.  (2” x  361 ft )

GREENCARE: motorpumps

Lombardini engines and Rovatti flanged pumps.

GREENCARE: irrigation boom

irrigation boom  m. 12 (sprinkling width m. 16/18)

irrigation boom  m. 16 (sprinkling width m. 20/22)


AGRICARE: Three Minutes irrigation boom

Three  Minutes"  is the innovative telescopic boom designed and realized from ORMA.  Strong and handy, to opening or closing it in less than three minutes.

AGRICARE: Four Minutes irrigation boom

"Four Minutes" is the best solution for the irrigation of high crops such as corn. The structure can reach a height of 2.70 m.

AGRICARE: Effluent irrigation boom

for waste water distribution


in hot galvanized stainless steel, hose rewinding by innovative high performance turbine.


steel with high resistant painting, hose rewinding by innovative high performance turbine, frame with placing on the ground

AGRICARE: Motorpump

powered by Iveco / Deutz water-cooled engines, connected with Rovatti / Caprari horizontal or flanged pumps.


Ekofiltro is the first automatic self-cleaning net filter working with hydraulic turbine, for channel and rivers water.